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Facts About Post Pregnancy Diet

Knowledge about post pregnancy diet is necessary for those who are struggling to shed the fat around their abdomen after delivery. For an effective weight loss program, it is important to know the principles linked to weight gain and diet, and of thermogenics.


When you eat food, your body either stores the energy, or burns it. Through the physical activities that you do, you use the energy to let the body perform the daily functions (referred to as metabolism or BMR - basal metabolic rate) and to process the food you eat (referred to as thermogenics).

Out of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins - the three major constituents of food - protein has the highest thermic response. This implies that you need more energy to process a heavy protein meal than a heavy carbohydrate or fat meal.

The Role Of Insulin

The hormone insulin has a major role to play in post pregnancy diet. Excess amount of insulin leads to great fluctuations in blood sugar and results in more fat storage. It also prevents the breakdown of the fat reserves.

You can alter the secretion of insulin through a well-planned post pregnancy diet. There are two ways:

  • Avoid foods containing high glycaemic index. Such foods cause a sudden increase of blood sugar and stimulate the secretion of insulin in large amounts.
  • Combine high GI foods with protein in order to slow down their release into the bloodstream.

Another effective way is to take small meals 5-6 times in a day instead of two large meals. Also, include sufficient amount of protein in each of the meals to regulate blood sugar levels and increase your metabolism.

Thermogenic Post Pregnancy Diet

Include some amount of protein to your mid-morning snack. Take fruits that are low in GI content, such as peaches, berries, and apricots. Moderate the intake of mangoes and bananas, and combine them with some protein such as yogurt or nuts to regulate their impact on your blood sugar.

Cider vinegar, fennel, and cayenne pepper are thermogenic in nature. Fennel is a particularly good choice, as it reduces your urge to eat and dissolves fat from your intestinal tract. Start consuming mixed essential fatty acids. They are safe and are loaded with many health benefits.

The thumb rule to increase thermogenics is to take mid-morning snacks, include some protein in each meal, and cut down on high GI foods such as sweets and sugars.

Be Cautious With Supplements

Do not be liberal with popping the supplement pills, although supplements do help in losing weight by inducing your body to burn calories. The vitamin B supplements are particularly effective in food metabolization for the production of energy. Choline as well as Inositol, which are vitamin B supplements, helps your body burn the stored fat.

Other than keeping in touch with your doctor or dietician, read books and articles on the type of diet to take after pregnancy. The more information you assimilate, the better your post pregnancy diet will be.