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Have You Started Your Pregnancy Exercise Yet?

You might have heard many good things about pregnancy exercise quite often. However, what are the benefits of pregnancy period exercises? Have you started it yet? How much do you know about it?

  • Exercise during pregnancy helps you ward off morning sickness, muscle stiffness, and extreme tiredness
  • It balances your hormones
  • It helps in constipation
  • It relieves your stress and keeps mood swings in control
  • It controls or prevents gestational diabetes
  • It builds up your stamina and helps you prepare for labor

Things To Consider Before Starting Pregnancy Exercise Never start exercising without consulting your doctor. It may harm your baby.

There are certain kinds of exercises that you should avoid during pregnancy. Your doctor knows best.

Here are certain points to keep in mind before starting your pregnancy exercise regime:

  • Consult your doctor before starting to exercise.
  • Choose an exercise taking into account your past exercise routine. If you were a couch potato before pregnancy, then it would be better to start with a light exercise like a 5-minute walk everyday. Gradually, increase the time to 30 minutes. Even if you have been exercising a lot before pregnancy, it is good to be slow at first.
  • While exercising, consider your body. It has changed a lot. Hence, do not indulge in heavy and strenuous exercises. It may prove to be dangerous for your baby. Never overdo any exercise. If you feel exhausted or uneasy, stop at once.
  • Focus on exercises that put less strain on your body but enhance your blood circulation. At the end of an exercise regime, you should feel fresh and rejuvenated with energy; not drained and short of breath.
  • Avoid contact sports during pregnancy such as skiing, wrestling, and others. Steer clear of activities that put you in a risk of hitting in your stomach.
  • If you are interested in aerobics, choose low impact activities such as swimming, walking, water exercises, and stationary cycling. Aerobics increases your heart rate and leads to an effective flow of oxygen and nutrients in your whole body.
  • Yoga is a great choice. In fact, it has become the most preferred exercise for expecting moms. Yoga involves stretching your body, thus toning it. The breathing exercises of yoga calms your mind. Thus, it boosts the health of your body as well as your mind.
  • Pilates are also becoming popular among pregnant women. These exercises are a combination of training your muscles for strength and breathing techniques plus postures.

CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE CHOOSING ANY OF THE ABOVE EXERCISE. Nourish your mind and body with a dose of light exercises everyday. You will actually start loving each day of your pregnancy!

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