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Pregnancy Fitness Plan - Trimester Wise Eating Plan

Your body goes through some amazing changes during the course of pregnancy. Therefore, it is very important for you to work on a proper pregnancy fitness plan in order to accommodate these changes. This will keep you healthy and active during the complete marathon of nine months. The eating plan is an important part of your overall fitness program that obviously also includes exercising. The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you need both the pregnancy exercise plan and the eating plan; you have to do it for two persons Ė yourself and your baby. You have to exercise for two. You have to eat for two. When I say the body changes during pregnancy, it also means the changes in eating habits. Each pregnancy semester will bring for you a different kind of nutritional challenge. Letís go exploring how to tackle these challenges.

First trimester

An additional apple a day is perhaps the best pregnancy fitness plan to go for during this stage. Various researches and studies confirm that the body of the pregnant woman at this stage only requires 100 calories per day in addition to the regular requirement during the first trimester. Of course, the requirement of the additional calories is for your baby. While the baby is its initial stages of development, the nutritional stores in your body are increased to accommodate the nutrition needs of your growing baby. During this period, you will experience morning sickness. However, you do not need to hit the panic button because of that. It is completely natural.

Second Trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy is a very important period from the nutrition point of view. This is the stage when you will feel you have a ravenous appetite. You will be feeling less queasy now and the effects of the morning sickness will be minimal. You now need to focus on your healthy eating plan. As per the pregnancy fitness plan at this stage, you should take nutrient-rich foods and avoid the junk ones. The nutrition demand of your growing baby has further increased now. So now onwards till the end of the third trimester, you need to have 300 calories in addition to the usual requirement.

Third Trimester

The third trimester brings for you some different nutritional challenges, as you are already feeling full now. Your baby has developed almost completely by now and still maturing. At this stage, the uterus starts pressing up against your stomach. You may not feel like eating lots of food in this situation. However, there is definitely a solution to this problem. Instead of trying to eat large quantities of food at one time in order to meet the needs of additional calories, you should try a different pregnancy fitness plan that involves eating small quantities of nutrient-rich foods throughout the day at small intervals.

Overall, along with the workout plan for pregnant women, a healthy eating plan is equally important.

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