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Pregnancy Labor - Have A Natural Child Birth

Naturally induced pregnancy labor and subsequent birth of the child without any intervention from the doctors is the best for your health as a mother and the health of your child. Natural labor and childbirth is possible and can be a pleasant experience in most of the pregnancies. The only condition is that the prospective mother and father prepare themselves through education (reading books, reading information material on various websites, taking prenatal classes, etc) and taking good care of the mother while she is pregnant.

Have no illusions that labor is not painful. It is painful but you should also know that pregnancy is a healthy state of being, and human body knows exactly what to do at different times. Committing yourself to natural child birth will show you what your body can achieve. No wonder, millions of women have child birth the natural way. Though more and more women go for child birth with medical intervention still only a small percentage of women adopt this route.

Having decided for natural pregnancy labor and child birth you will be amazed to know that there are various ways to do this. Some of the commonly practiced ways for natural labor are having intercourse, power walking, eating spicy foods, and nipple stimulation. Some suggest that eating pineapple is a natural way to induce labor while others even suggest castor oil or an enema to induce labor in a natural way. Obviously you will not be foolish enough to try them all at the same time. The best way is to decide on the path to be followed in consultation with your doctor/ midwife.

Pregnancy labor starts with strong contractions five minutes apart lasting for a full minute and passes through three stages. In the first stage of labor your cervix dilates from 0 to 10 centimeters and becomes thinned out. The second stage of labor is the pushing stage, which begins after you are fully dilated. The third stage of labor is after your baby is born and you deliver the placenta.

A note of caution: Promoting natural pregnancy labor and child birth does not mean that medical intervention has no role to play at all in the process of child birth. In case of emergencies when natural methods do not work medical intervention through epidurals may be necessary and desirable. But at least give natural pregnancy labor a try. Remember it is still the most common way to induce labor and have child birth.

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