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Pregnancy Massage - Managing Stress Of Child Birth

An important aid to a pleasant pregnancy experience is pregnancy massage. As your pregnancy progresses and your stomach enlarges you experience physical aches and pains in different parts of your body. Relief to this pain can be provided only by massage therapists who specialize in prenatal massages. Massage relieves pain because it enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves blood circulation and relieves mental and physical fatigue.

The benefits of pregnancy massage are numerous. Under the stress of pregnancy your body produces stress hormones. These stress hormones are felt not only by you, but also your baby. By reducing your stress, through massage, you can increase the comfort level of your unborn baby. Moreover, the massage can ease your muscular aches and pains that may be very uncomfortable to say the least. But before deciding on massage therapy you should first consult your doctor to make sure that you are suitable for massage.

You should be careful while going for pregnancy massage and only utilize the services of trained prenatal massage therapists. For prenatal massage, the massage therapist uses massage techniques which concentrate on a woman's, neck, back and pelvic regions- the areas most often negatively affected by a pregnancy. Another care to be taken while giving the massage is your position. Since you cannot lie on your stomach, you will most often be laid on your side with pillows for support. While there are special tables designed to allow room for a pregnant belly, most therapists prefer to have you rest on your side. Pregnant mothers are very sensitive and masseurs will need to be careful when giving massages as to not harm the baby in any way. To ensure this result intensity of the massage is also very important.

Since pregnancy massage is special, finding a therapist who specializes in prenatal massage might be slightly difficult. All therapists may not be able to accede to your request for massage. Some might not have the experience and some might not have time to accept you as a patient at all.

Experts in pregnancy massage recommend that pregnant women have a massage at least once a month. This is to keep them revitalized and ready for the actual birth. No matter how far you are from actual delivery of your baby, regular pregnancy massage is the best medicine to keep you and your baby healthy and happy.

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