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Pregnancy After 50

Pregnancy after fifty isnít something that you should consider undertaking voluntarily. It can be very tempting to do so when you see more and more celebrities having babies at that age. However, what you donít see is the drastic amount of time, effort, and money they spend to keep their bodies younger than their age. They also work with expensive fertility doctors to ensure a healthy and viable pregnancy.

For the average woman, pregnancy after fifty isnít common and it is definitely not recommended. In fact, youíll have a hard time finding a doctor to assist you in having a child at that age. Not only is it a huge risk to your own health, but any child that did result would likely be left an orphan before they even graduated college. In all reality, the pregnancy itself would take so much out of you that you might not even live to see them graduate from high school.

However, there are some situations in which you find yourself suddenly and miraculously pregnant. This is rare in and of itself, but is most common among women who have had many pregnancies throughout adulthood. In these situations, pregnancy is possible and may even be viable. The key turning point typically occurs around the beginning of the second trimester. If the fetus remains healthy through that stage, youíll likely wind up with a healthy, bouncing baby.

If you do find yourself in this situation, there are many things you can do to maintain the health of you and your baby during this difficult pregnancy. Eating the right foods and getting plenty of rest are just some of the things that are recommended, and your doctor may provide additional instructions based on your personal health and history.

As soon as you discover youíre pregnant past age fifty, you need to contact your doctor. Youíll need to take additional vitamins and supplements, especially calcium. Youíll also need to begin getting more rest and making preparations to be off of your feet for most, if not all of your third trimester. All of these precautions are necessary to ensure your own health, as well as that of the baby.

In most cases, women over fifty will receive much more frequent care than the typical pregnancy allows. Youíll likely see your doctor every two weeks from the second trimester on. Additionally, sonograms and other prenatal testing will be commonplace and frequent. All of this is to ensure that you and your baby remain healthy throughout the pregnancy.

Youíll need to plan more carefully for pregnancy over fifty as well. If you have a job, youíll require much more time off work than typical maternity leave. In fact, you may find it difficult to return to work at all after the baby is born. You should also plan to have help around the house during your pregnancy and for at least two months after the baby is born.

In the end, pregnancy over fifty is nothing like pregnancy at younger ages. The time and caution required to ensure your health are great, as are the risks. However, with proper planning and careful medical attention, it is possible for you to have a healthy pregnancy after age fifty.

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