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Pregnancy Celebration

It's pregnancy celebration time - though it seems like only yesterday when you discovered you were pregnant.. and now - you are in your third trimester and awaiting that wonderful day when you'll hold your precious little one in your arms. And what can be more exciting than a lovely day of fun and laughter with your friends and family? You know your friends are planning a surprise baby shower - with lots of things planned!

Your third trimester is an exhausting one - since you will be busy with doctor's appointments, getting to know about pregnancy labor and birth, and getting the nursery ready for your baby to come home. Your friends and family know that planning a baby shower is the best way to cuddle you when you are tired, so that you can put your feet up and in the loving atmosphere of the occasion, you can feel more confident about your labor and other discomforts.

A baby shower is a memorable event - and the baby shower activity will be quite hectic - since baby shower planning is a big task, lovingly taken up by those who care about you. Your closest friends and family will be there, bearing baby shower gifts in the form of baby clothes, baby toys, baby blankets, baby shower gift baskets and other baby gifts.

According to baby shower etiquette, your best friend or a group of friends, co-workers or aunt hosts the baby shower. Many online resources help in planning a baby shower with information on every aspect including baby shower tips, baby shower ideas, baby Shower games, baby shower favor ideas and where to get baby shower favors, baby shower gift ideas, baby shower activities, etc. The host will have to look at baby shower invitation ideas and send out a baby shower announcement so everyone can mark the date and plan shower gifts. Other things to be arranged are baby shower supplies, baby shower catering, baby shower decorations for decorating the baby shower. Baby shower invitations must be sent out well in time. There are economical baby shower invitation ideas to choose from while hosting a baby shower.

Baby shower history in pregnancy celebrations has it that baby showers are all-women events. Traditionally this celebration is during the third trimester of pregnancy, but couples showers are held after the baby is born also, as a homecoming celebration. The person hosting the baby shower has to decide on venue, and then list shower gifts. Next comes choosing the themes for baby shower parties. Baby shower themes are based on the personality of the guest of honor, so the theme can be music, adventure, country style, anything! The cards for baby shower can also be theme-based. Gift baskets for the baby shower have to be prepared. This is done with care so that the expectant parents will receive baby gifts and baby toys they love and want. Shower gifts can be practical and useful. There are beautifully designed baby shower gift-wraps available. If it is a Christian baby shower, baptism or christening gifts are appropriate. Diaper cakes are unique baby shower gifts since these baby cakes not only make great centerpieces - they are entirely useful. Moms to be adore baby shower cakes.

It's great fun putting together gift baskets for babies. Welcome your baby with baby gift baskets! So, when you receive your baby shower card, wear a big smile, and look forward to a wonderful day!

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