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Pregnancy Due Date - The Basics

Pregnancy due date is probably one of the first things on your mind once you find that you are pregnant. While there are no sure shot ways to determine your Pregnancy due date, a pregnancy calculator can narrow down to a possible date.

How Knowing The Pregnancy due date Helps

Being informed about possible Pregnancy due date helps you be mentally and physically prepared for child birth.

  1. It will help ease your anxiety about false contractions and the best time to check in at a birth center or hospital. It will help you cope with fear regarding pregnancy, and you will know when to get to the hospital during the last stage of pregnancy.
  2. It helps you prepare a pregnancy plan, detailing what you want at the birth center, and what kind of treatment you expect for yourself as well as for your baby.

Signs Of Approaching Pregnancy due date

These are some of the signs to help you recognize if you are close to the Pregnancy due date.

  1. False Contractions: In this stage of pregnancy, you may feel false contractions that generally vanish when you breathe deeply or move. Don't worry, they are common for many pregnant women in third trimester pregnancy. The contractions increase in frequency approximately 2 weeks before childbirth.
  2. Mucous Plug: The mucous plug covering the cervix is expelled around 72 hours before childbirth, though there is no need to rush to the hospital right then.
  3. Water breaking: This is the surest sign of impending labor. Once the water breaks, childbirth is imminent in 24 hours, whether natural or induced.
  4. Nesting: This is not a myth. Nesting is a very tangible occurrence! Just a few hours before childbirth, you will feel very energetic, and find yourself arranging and rearranging furniture, cleaning the closet, and scrubbing the floors.
  5. Other Signs: Diarrhea, constipation, gas and back pain are other symptoms of possible approach of Pregnancy due date.

Getting Ready For Pregnancy due date

Your Pregnancy due date might be causing you anxiety, sleepless night, excitement and apprehension. A million questions might be running through your mind. Here are some things to take care of before your Pregnancy due date arrives.

  1. Childbirth Classes: Childbirth classes can help you relax, and educate you and your partner about how to approach your Pregnancy due date positively.
  2. Childbirth Plan: Make a childbirth plan for your Pregnancy due date, and keep in mind issues like type of birth, pain relief, people who will be present, venue of birth and other issues.
  3. Readying for the Baby: Taking care of a newborn can be a challenge for new moms. Learn all you can about caring for a new baby, and keep the nursery ready.

As your Pregnancy due date approaches, you will many emotions ranging from fear, suspense, anxiety to exhilaration and joy. Talk to your labor coach, doctor and people close to you to work though your fears. Read as much as you can about each pregnancy trimester, and the process of birth, so that you are prepared for your Pregnancy due date.

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