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Pregnancy Due Date Calculator - How To Find Out Your Due Date

A pregnancy due date calculator helps you estimate the day of childbirth. While picking out an exact date may not be possible, the Pregnancy due date calculator helps you get ready for the big day, and also encourages you to seek medical help when you have gone past the pregnancy due date without any signs of labor. It motivates you to track your baby's growth, and be prepared for childbirth, and caring for a newborn.

The two main pregnancy due date calculator methods are based on:

  1. Your last period
  2. Day you think you conceived

How Your Doctor Calculates Due Date

Your doctor will mark the 40th week from your last menstrual cycle as your pregnancy due date. Suppose your last period happened on 31 December 2006, then add 40 weeks to it, and your pregnancy due date calculator comes up with 5th October 2007 as the pregnancy due date.

Naegle's Rule

This is another pregnancy due date calculator method. Here, you subtract three months from day 1 of your last period, and add 7 days to it.


If you are sure of the day of conception of the baby, the Pregnancy due date calculator will add 266 days to it to find the expected date of birth.


An ultrasound of different stages allows the doctor to see the stage of pregnancy development. Most doctors carry out ultrasound tests during first trimester pregnancy. However, frequent ultrasounds can harm the baby's growth, and are thus not allowed except in cases where the life of mother or baby may be in danger.

A Word Of Caution

The best pregnancy due date calculator cannot predict the exact time of birth. It is good to be prepared well in advance, in case you have an advance delivery. Every pregnancy due date calculator assumes that 40 weeks is the maximum term of pregnancy, while many women may have different pregnancy trimesters, making the exact date of birth tough to calculate.

Online Calculator

If you wish, you can use an online pregnancy due date calculator to find your expected delivery date. An online pregnancy due date calculator offers many services to the would be mom, including reminders for the pregnancy weekly, helps you keep track of the changes in your body, your diet and exercise needs, and even offers tips for each pregnancy trimester. Surely a load off your back - not having to count days and mark them on a calendar!

Most online calculators can be personalized, so that the next time you log in, you need not reenter your particulars. Your online account ensures that the calculator keeps track of your baby's growth. Easy, isn't it!

Whatever method you use, always be prepared a few days in advance of your expected date. Read more about each different stage of pregnancy, and go for routine pregnancy weekly to ensure the health of mother and baby. A pregnancy due date calculator also helps you keep track of your baby's development, making pregnancy safe for mother and child.

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