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Pregnancy Journal - A Treasure House Of Precious Moments

What is a pregnancy journal? Once you deliver your baby, you are going to forget how it felt to be pregnant within a couple of years! Yes, it's true! That's the reason why many moms-to-be write a pregnancy journal. It's the best way you can treasure your valuable memories of pregnancy. So, buy yourself an attractive journal and sit with an aura of a great writer beginning to produce a masterpiece of memories.

Let Your Pen Glide Smoothly

Do not hesitate to jot down your feelings. Write whatever you feel. Do not try to manipulate either. Later in life, when you read your pregnancy journal, you will be grateful you wrote it.

There are so many wonderful moments during pregnancy. Think of the night when you quietly slid from the bed towards the refrigerator to satisfy those pangs of hunger! How about your experience when you saw your enlarged tummy for the first time in mirror? Also, don't forget those moments of shopping for the pregnancy outfits.

There are umpteen precious moments to cherish. You won't experience them in your normal life. Write all these moments in your pregnancy journal. Write about your first visit to your doctor, how you felt when she gave you the good news, and the reaction of your partner on hearing the news!

Thinks of those beautiful moments you spend with your partner during pregnancy. Then there are anxious moments to write about too, when you took your regular tests. Pour out your fears and doubts. Visualize your baby inside. Create a picture of how she or he will look like once she comes out to face the world. Let the words flow. Do not try to hide your feelings. Feel free to express them.

A Unique Gift For Your Child

Imagine the enjoyment your child will feel while reading your pregnancy journal. Watch her gasp with wonder when she learns how she grew from a tiny cell inside you for nine months before she arrived in this world!

Besides this, writing a journal is a great exercise. It helps to de-stress you and stretch your muscles. It activates your gray cells too. At the end, you feel light at heart. When you will sit to read your journal years after giving birth to your baby, you won't actually be reading a journal, but a vivid story of your pregnancy written straight from the heart!

A pregnancy journal is a great way to bring out the writer in you. Besides this, it serves as a guide for your next pregnancy! So, start writing.

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