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The Process Of Conception And Fertilization - The Importance Of Planning Pregnancy

Pregnancy planning is not given much importance by many people who end up being surprised by the physical, mental and financial strain that an unplanned pregnancy can cause. Several factors have to be considered if you aim to give birth to a healthy and well formed child. If you believe in pregnancy planning then things may be much easier than you expected as you had planned carefully and are prepared.

Factors To Be Considered While Planning For Pregnancy

  • It is a big commitment to have a child, be sure that you have selected the right kind of partner before planning a pregnancy. Select one who loves you, will understand and accept the changes that are to occur, supports you, who will do his part to see that the baby will be born healthy and one who will care for both of you after the birth.
  • If you are having problems, it will be best to sort them out as stress and emotional strain can have an adverse effect on the health of the mother and the child.
  • Many couples use contraceptives, so if you pre plan your pregnancy as per the advice of your physician, you will get ready mentally and physically for the changes during the pregnancy planning stage. It is best to wait for about 2 months at least to avoid getting pregnant without using any medication, so ask your physician what methods you can adopt to avoid an accident during this stage.
  • A thorough medical check-up of both parents will help doctors determine if there are any problems and if so to take the necessary action. Once the doctors have given you the go ahead sign you may use a pregnancy planning calendar and determine the right time to create your baby.
  • Ovulation calendars will help increase your chances of getting pregnant when you want to.
  • It takes time for some people who have stopped using contraceptives may be even up to a year at times, use that time to exercise regularly, eat a well balanced diet and avoid stuff that may be not be conducive to pregnancy, do remember conception planning is vital for ensuring a healthy baby. Conception occurs when the sperm fertilizes the ovum forming a cell with 46 chromosomes. It starts to divide and moves from the fallopian tubes into the uterus where it attaches itself and develops into that bundle of joy that you crave to hold in your arms!
  • It is necessary for both partners to adapt a smoke, alcohol and drug free life. Partners are advised to avoid exposure to hazardous materials [pesticides and solvents] and other work-place hazards. At times the partners may have trouble such as low sperm count, impotency, premature ejaculation etc. There are several ways to enhance male fertility such as drug therapy, and other herbal remedies.
  • The health of the baby is influenced by various factors such as family history, genetics, mental and physical well being of the parents, diet, etc. It will be useful if you read some books on pre pregnancy planning to help you plan correctly, be sure to consult a physician who you trust.
  • Diet and exercise play an important role in pregnancy planning and many doctors recommend folic acid and vitamin supplements during the pregnancy planning stage as they have helped reduce birth defects to a certain extent.

Pregnancy planning involves so many aspects such as getting ready for taking a break from work, anticipating various changes to your lifestyle as a result of the new born baby, the hard work and strain that taking care of an infant necessitates. It is necessary for both of you to stay committed to each other and be resilient to the accompanying changes, be healthy and mentally strong, with the goal of producing an environment where the child will flourish and grow.

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