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Know Your Pregnancy Week By Week

Wouldn't it be exciting to know what's happening inside your body during pregnancy week by week? Read this and become a better informed mom-to-be.

Your Pregnancy Week By Week

Week 1-4
The first week begins with the day of your last period. During the fourth week, the egg has been fertilized and a new life has begun inside you!

Week 5-8
This is the time when a pregnancy test usually turns out to be accurate. In the sixth week, your baby's heart will start beating! During the seventh week, you may experience morning sickness. By the eighth week, your fetus will have tiny arms and legs!

Week 9-12
During these weeks, your belly will grow larger to accommodate the rapidly growing fetus. There will be lot of changes in your body. Your baby will start moving inside you, though you won't feel it yet. By the twelfth week, the intensity of morning sickness should lessen.

Week 13-16
At this stage, it is possible to know the gender of your baby with moderate accuracy. By the fourteenth week, you can hear your baby's heartbeat when you visit your doctor. You will also feel your baby move, as her bones start hardening.

Week 17-20
During this stage, the internal organs of your baby have begun to develop at a fast rate. The fetus gets covered with fine hair known as 'lanugo.' At this stage, it is possible to determine your baby's gender accurately through an ultrasound.

Week 21-24
By this time, your baby will start learning to breathe. You may feel mild contractions at this stage, as your uterus starts to prepare for the task of giving birth. By the twenty-fourth week, fat starts depositing in your baby to regulate the body temperature after she's born. If you know your pregnancy week by week, the changes occurring to your body won't scare you.

Week 25-28
At this stage, your uterus will get "crowded" and the movements of your baby will decrease. Now, for an interesting fact: your baby can sense darkness and light and also hear sounds from the world outside!

Week 29-32
During this stage, your baby's head grows rapidly in proportion to the remaining body. The eyes and the brain are developed almost fully. By the thirty second week, only the lungs are left to be developed.

Week 33-36
By this time, your baby can open and lose its eyes. The finger nails have developed by now. By the thirty sixth week, your baby weighs around 4 pounds and is 16 inches long.

Week 37-40
All the organs of your baby have developed, except the lungs, which continue to develop. Your baby is ready to enter the world!

Know your pregnancy week by week and be ready to welcome your baby. Good luck!

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