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Pregnancy Weekly - Keeping Track Of Your Growing Baby

Congratulations! You have discovered that you will be parents soon. Now is the time to think ahead, and plan with your pregnancy weekly. The pregnancy weekly refers to weekly monitoring of the different stage of pregnancy, including visits to the doctor, ultrasound of different stages or keeping a pregnancy journal.

Importance of pregnancy weekly

A pregnancy weekly allows your doctor to see if both mother and baby are in good health. Through pregnancy weekly, possible trouble spots can be located early and the doctor can take further steps to minimize risk of complications later.

Through a pregnancy weekly, your doctor will be able to estimate the pregnancy due date. Each pregnancy week will bring new changes. You can enjoy them more through a picture of stage of pregnancy you are in. It will help you chart a weekly pregnancy calendar, and keep track of those special moments like the baby's first heartbeat, feeling it move, or watching her for the first time on ultrasound.

First Trimester pregnancy weekly

Each pregnancy week is calculated based on the last missed period. Week 3, 4, 5 and 6 are the first weeks of the baby. The embryo grows inside the womb and the brain and nervous system starts forming. The rudimentary heart has started pulsing. Pregnancy 7 weeks marks the halfway point of first trimester pregnancy.

Second Trimester pregnancy weekly

The second stage of pregnancy is the most pleasant pregnancy trimester. The nausea is almost gone, and you begin to feel the movements of the growing fetus. The pregnancy weekly for the second trimester includes weeks 15- 27. The placenta is fully functional, and fetus has better reflexes. During the pregnancy weekly examination, the doctor checks for continuous movement in the baby. Pregnancy week 16 marks a fully functioning placenta.

Third Trimester pregnancy weekly

The third stage of pregnancy includes the weeks 28-40. This is the last stage of pregnancy and will end in labor and childbirth. The baby's skin becomes thick and coats with an oily substance. In pregnancy week 35, the baby's senses are almost fully developed. The increasing size and growth of the fetus, as well as impending childbirth, makes regular pregnancy weekly necessary. This is also the time to prepare a pregnancy plan, and make known your wish regarding the type of birth, anesthesia and other matters.

Pregnancy Journal

You could buy a beautifully bound pregnancy journal from a website and pen your thoughts regarding the impending addition to your family. This will help you keep track of your pregnancy weekly, and create memories more personal than doctor's reports. Many online sites allow mothers to put up their experiences online in an online journal. Each baby stage during pregnancy can be mentioned in your pregnancy weekly journal.

Each stage of pregnancy brings new challenges. Your doctor can examine you on your pregnancy weekly and prevent miscarriage, hemorrhage and other complications. It is important not to miss the pregnancy weekly examination, and have a healthy, enjoyable and pleasant motherhood.

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