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Preparing For The Second Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most exciting time in a woman's life. The second pregnancy, especially, brings with it the same joy as the first, without the fear of unknown. Increased self-awareness and healthy living has produced an enormous change in attitudes towards pregnancy and birth. Every pregnancy is different; your second pregnancy too may differ in some aspects, though not too drastically, from the first one. You become less preoccupied with your second time pregnancy as there is less time to luxuriate due to the first baby already being in the house. During your first pregnancy you were able to rest at first sign of fatigue. However, the second time around, caring for the first child may make you extra tired and sleep-deprived.

Tips for second pregnancy

A woman may experience the most unexpected feelings and signs during her second pregnancy that she never felt the first time around. There may be less, or even no morning sickness. You may start showing sooner and wearing maternity clothes even before the fourth month. This is due to the uterus growing in size and abdominal muscles not remaining as taut as they were earlier. In some cases, the second labor becomes shorter than the first one. Some women experience more pronounced after pains during the second time pregnancy. This is due to contraction of the uterus to pre-pregnancy state after delivery. This pain had been overlooked in the flush of first motherhood earlier.

Preparing the first child for the impending arrival of the new sibling is an important part of the second pregnancy. You should decide on where you would want your first child to be at the time of second baby's birthing, at home, in the waiting room or with you in the labor room. Also, decide on the OB and the hospital before hand due to fast change health sciences and your gaining more knowledge in prenatal care and childbirth procedures.

Avoiding worry and taking advice from an experienced doctor on certain niggling issues during your second pregnancy is also very important. The most commonly asked questions relate to the care of your family during the post-partum recovery period, whether the birth of the baby will be cesarean or vaginal, how to fit prenatal exercise routine being a working mother and whether you should take a 'refresher course' in Lamaze training. Other commonly asked questions are whether you should breastfeed the second baby longer than the earlier one, what complications will arise in your pregnancy, if first child comes down with chicken pox or flu, how to avoid excessive weight gain and stretch marks and ways to avoid pregnancy complications like toxemia, hypertension etc.

Nowadays most families choose to have just two children only. Your second pregnancy may be the last one, so enjoy every moment of it for a better bonding with the baby.

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