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Second Trimester of Pregnancy

The second trimester of pregnancy is a busy time for both you and your baby. Your baby will be growing very rapidly over the next several weeks, and youíll feel much more energetic than normal. This burst of energy typically leads to what is called nesting.

Nesting is basically the process of getting ready for your baby. Some women take it further than others Ė itís really just a matter of hormone levels, as well as your natural tendencies to clean, organize and plan. This is generally the time that most mothers set up their nursery, begin buying items for the baby and clean their house to a surgical cleanliness in preparation for the upcoming delivery.

Many women feel like super heroes during this time. After three months of sickness and fatigue, they finally have energy and feel like themselves again. Itís important that you remain aware of your limitations during this time. When setting up the nursery or going on a cleaning binge, make sure you donít overdo it. Donít do any heavy lifting and try to avoid climbing on things to clean in high-reaching areas. You donít want to inadvertently injure yourself or your baby.

The second trimester is also the time that your cravings will kick into high gear. While itís great to indulge your cravings to a certain extent, keep in mind that you need to maintain a healthy diet for you and your baby. Also, remember that baby weight is easier to lose if you eat healthier during your pregnancy, rather than trying to diet after having the baby.

You should also be aware of nausea, dizziness or shakiness after eating, especially if youíre craving a lot of sugar. Gestational diabetes is common in pregnancy, and usually begins presenting itself and showing symptoms during the second trimester. Itís common practice for a glucose test to be administered some time during your second trimester of pregnancy, but if you have symptoms of high blood sugar, you should definitely discuss them with your doctor. Unchecked, gestational diabetes can cause health problems for you, and cause your baby to be overly large, which causes complications during delivery.

Your baby in the second trimester is growing at a rapid rate. As the baby grows in size, youíll show your baby bump more and more. People will notice that youíre pregnant and share in your joy, but it also means youíll probably have to buy maternity clothes. And, as the baby begins to grow hair, you may experience some heartburn, especially after eating spicy foods.

While keeping active and getting exercise is important, be aware of the swelling that may occur in your legs and feet. If you start noticing your feet starting to swell, sit down and rest with your feet propped up. The position you sleep in can also affect your comfort during the day as well, by increasing pressure on your back and causing further swelling. Try to sleep on your side, and if you have a tendency to roll onto your back or stomach, prop yourself with pillows so you can get a better nightís sleep.

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