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Second Trimester: Deserves More Caution

With the onset of the second trimester of pregnancy, the woman becomes more vulnerable. The increasing size brings with it more complications which means your activities become restricted. The lower back and pelvis are some of the areas that take the maximum load of the body. Cramps and dizziness are some of the problems that you might face in the advanced stages of pregnancy. You need to recheck your exercise routine. If you are still continuing with a rigorous work out routine then you need to shift to a less strenuous one immediately.

That's because with the growth of the fetus the center of gravity shifts and less oxygen is available to the body. Swimming during pregnancy might have been okay in the first trimester but in the second trimester it is not advisable. All abdominal exercises need to be done in a standing position. Often while you exercise you might feel your body unusually heated up. Stop right there because overheating of the body is pretty dangerous. The Second trimester onwards you need to be very cautious about all aspects of your pregnancy and need to follow all the instructions of your health care provider and your personal trainer.

Exercise during pregnancy is good but there are times when you don't have to exercise, keep these conditions in mind:

  • If you have asthma
  • Pregnancy induced blood pressure
  • If any previous history of late miscarriage
  • Any bleeding during second trimester

Lifting weights while standing up should be stopped with the beginning of second trimester. This is because there is an increase in the blood volume and blood pools can be formed in the body because of it. The Second trimester is although considered to be the easiest phase because the stage of morning sickness and uneasiness has passed off and the big belly has as yet not made an appearance. But the changes that are taking place inside your body are tremendous and you need to proceed with caution.

Some of the simple exercises like walking are the best. There is least of the tension involved in this as you can do it anywhere and anytime and no complex postures required too. However, while pregnant you need to listen to your body and if after fifteen minutes of walking, your body feels tired you need to stop! Second trimester pregnancy brings forth changes week by week and you need to take care of yourself well. Each pregnancy trimester brings new challenges that need to be met daily.

One thing needs to be understood perfectly well that non contact sports should remain your forte during pregnancy. No matter how active you've been before pregnancy you need to tone down your activities during this time.

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