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Post Pregnancy Shape Up Tips To Get Your Sexy Figure Back

Congratulations, you are a mother! Now, for some hot shape up tips to give your sexy figure back. How desperately you want want to look slim and smart as before! We know you are fed up of seeing that inflated balloon-like image of yourself in the mirror.

But, be careful! In your desperation to look shapely again you should not take any drastic steps. Remember, you didn't gain weight overnight. Similarly, you won't lose it overnight. It generally takes at least six months to shed the extra pounds you gained during pregnancy.

Moreover, you shouldn't be in a hurry to kick off those pounds because you need them now. With a new member in the house, you gotta be busy attending to him or her. So, you need all the energy to cope with your new job of nursing the baby. And this is no 9 to 5 job; it.s 24x7!

Here are some hot shape-up tips widely accepted by a large number of women. Follow them and gradually you'll notice your sexy curves coming back!

Hot Shape-Up Tips

  • Breastfeed your baby! It's a sure shot way of losing weight, as the extra fat gets transferred in the form of your milk.
  • Eat lots of complex carbs like vegetables, fruits, fat-free dairy products, and whole grains.
  • Drink gallons of water (NO soda; NO juice).
  • Avoid oily and deep fried foods.
  • Take 4-5 meals spread throughout the day.
  • Don't depend on diet pills like adipex, xenical, phentermine, acomplia, bontril, and others. Consult your doctor before taking them.
  • Do cardio workouts. Cardio machines are known to burn calories in no time. They are also found to be beneficial for the overall health of the body. However, do these workouts under the supervision of a physical trainer.
  • Avoid lifting weights for some time.
  • Walk everyday.
  • Watch out, if you're losing weight rapidly. This indicates something.s wrong! Post pregnancy weight is always lost slowly.

Enjoy Your Reward!

You shouldn't be too obsessed with losing weight that you forget all about enjoying your baby! Dig this: you struggled for nine whole months to create a new life, and now when you've got the reward (read: baby), and you are worried about the shape of your body? C'mon! Let nature take its course. Give your body time to recover from that busy nine-month schedule.

If you aren't overweight and had gained just the right amount of weight that you should during pregnancy, you won.t find it difficult to lose it. Even if you're overweight, it isn't an impossible feat to become shapely again. Consult your dietician or doctor and chart out a diet plan. Follow the shape-up tips. Continue eating a balanced diet and follow a workout regime. Your pounds will bid adieu to you forever!

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