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Stretch Mark Removal Through Laser Treatment

Pregnancy causes stretch marks on the bodies of many women, necessitating stretch mark removal. You can get stretch mark removal done using laser therapy. Many women use home remedies to treat stretch marks during pregnancy. This is advisable since strong medications can harm you and the baby.

Stretch marks look ugly and cause heartache to many women. Many pregnant women remember the poignant heartbreak of realizing that their pre pregnancy bodies may never be back. Cheer up- help is at hand. Pregnancy stretch marks may not be curable, but you can minimize them largely. Stretch marks can be removed through lotion for pregnancy stretch marks as well.

Many simple remedies for stretch marks can deal effectively with the problem. Among them are weight loss, diet, moisturizers and massage.

Before we go into methods for stretch mark removal, we need to understand the cause of stretch marks.

Causes of Stretch Marks

The skin has a layer of collagen beneath it. Collagen is a tight jelly like substance that gives the skin its smooth, glowing appearance. When the collagen layer breaks, it gives the appearance of stretch marks.

Weight gain or loss that occurs rapidly is one of the major reasons for stretch marks. Growth spurt in teens, rapid weight loss due to dieting or sudden weight gain causes the collagen layer to stretch and break. Repeated weight gain and loss causes many stretch marks all over the body.

In pregnant women, the belly expands to accommodate the fetus. This causes the collagen layer to break. Weight gain or loss during pregnancy can also cause stretch marks in areas like arms, breasts, back and thighs.

Treating Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be treated through various methods. Use a lotion for pregnancy stretch marks. Pregnancy stretch marks can be combated through healthy diet and exercise. If your pregnancy is normal, then do mild exercise to keep your weight under control. By ensuring that you do not gain too much weight, you can prevent stretch marks.

If you notice stretch marks in the early stages, invest in a good lotion for pregnancy stretch marks. This will ease some of the symptoms, though lotions may not remove stretch marks completely. Ensure that lotion has ingredients like lanolin and Vitamin E. Cocoa butter is a natural stretch mark removal agent.

Drink plenty of water, as this will keep your skin hydrated and make the collagen supple and soft. This will help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Regular massage during pregnancy also helps in minimizing these marks.

Laser treatment for stretch marks gives variable results. This treatment is comparatively expensive, though painless. In the hands of a qualified practitioner, laser treatment is safe and has no side effects. The effectiveness of treatment varies from person to person. You should find more information on treatment for stretch marks before choosing any one.

Do not despair if stretch mark removal seems difficult - while they may not disappear completely, stretch marks can be reduced largely.

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