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Surprise Baby Shower: Be An Expert Surprise Party Planner

If you are planning a surprise baby shower, there are several things that you must take into your careful consideration. The very first thing that you need to make sure is whether such a baby shower is appropriate for the mother. After all, baby shower is nothing but pregnancy celebration. Also, only someone who is close to the expecting or new mother should organize such a baby shower because this way, the host or the hostess can be sure to invite all of the mother's friends and family to the event, as well as suggest presents and plan activities.


When it comes to organizing a surprise baby shower, the first and the most important thing that needs your careful consideration is choosing the right date. Make sure that the day you have chosen is comfortable for the new mother as well as for the guests. In order to ensure the availability of the mom-to-be, it is always good to schedule something like dinner with the new mother on that day. In order to ensure the party is a surprise, it is better if someone takes the new or expecting mother out to dinner while the host greets the guests as they arrive.


If you are planning a surprise baby shower, it is always good to send the invitations at least a couple weeks ahead of time so that people can prepare. However, you need to be careful while sending written invitations because the new or expecting mother might visit regularly and see the invitation lying around. Therefore, written invitations are not good in this case. It is always better to inform the guests in person or over the phone.


In case of a surprise baby shower, if you want to let the guests to collaborate about gift ideas, one of the best ideas is to have the new mother fill out a baby registry at a local baby store or online. This way, the guests will find it much easier to select the proper gifts.

Shower Favors And Decorations

When it comes to favors and decorations for the surprise baby shower, it is always good to choose a theme. If you choose a perfect theme for the occasion, it will become much easier for you to choose the perfect favors and decide about the decorations. Baby shower favors are a nice way of saying thank you to the guests for attending. Therefore, take some time in order to choose the same and make sure that they will be liked and appreciated by the guests.

Overall, if you are organizing a surprise baby shower, do keep in mind the above things in order to ensure a fabulous and memorable event.

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