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Swimming And Pregnancy - Complete Exercise For The Whole Body

For women who avoid exercises during pregnancy, there is an easy alternative, swimming during pregnancy. Swimming and pregnancy go hand in hand. Most women feel lethargic after a few months into pregnancy. Others feel that since they have avoided exercises all their lives, taking up exercises during pregnancy would entail a lot of risk while doing the routines. Many women are just shy to ask help to do some exercises. For all these reasons and more, many women avoid pregnancy exercises completely and give up the benefits that accrue, very tamely. However, if they muster up just enough courage to go to the swimming pool in their neighborhood holding prenatal swimming classes, half the battle would be won.

Benefits Of Swimming

You just cannot imagine how easy it is to do water exercises. In fact, you do not have to wet your hair to do water exercises. The biggest benefit of water exercises is that they are impact free. You cannot bounce or jump on the floor of the pool. Even if you slip or fall, you land on water, which breaks the impact of your fall. Now you can see the connection between swimming and pregnancy. If you are a regular swimmer, a few lengths of the pool everyday are enough to give your body complete exercise for the day. By swimming, you tone up all the tissues, ligaments, joints and muscles responsible for supporting the baby. This gives more mobility to the joints and lubricates them as well.

Benefits Of Water Exercises

In water exercises, you have to make effort to move in every direction. The plus point is that there is no resistance. You decide the level of resistance by forcing yourself to move faster or with resistance equipments like paddles, dumbbells and webbed gloves for feet and hands. The resistance equipment makes you work harder to gain greater power. Your abdominal muscles and lower back get automatic exercise as you move in the pool or just walk on the floor of the pool, trying to keep balance. Swimming and pregnancy can easily coexist.

Mary E. Sanders of Nevada University has designed some water exercises that can be done by beginners and pregnant women. According to her, you can start by warming up in water by walking in the pool for about five minutes or taking a lap or two. Then you can start by walking or jogging quickly for 15 seconds while doing the buggy push, lifting the baby movements, step climbs or the Charlie Chaplin walk. You do not need any special equipment to perform these exercises unless you want to make it more challenging by using resistance equipment noted earlier. Most of the equipments cost less than $40.Therefore, if you are foresighted, you ought to use swimming and pregnancy to maximize benefits for yourself and your baby.

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