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Third Trimester: Pregnancy Progress

During the third trimester or second trimester, exercise in pregnancy is always beneficial. The important part however, is the exercise needs to be supervised by a trainer and should be done in consultation with your health care provider. Exercise provides relief from the aches and pains that come as a result of the increased weight and loss of flexibility.

In the third trimester, you need to pay attention to the levels of your comfort. Only low-impact workouts need to be done! Walking daily is a great idea because it is a harmless way of burning the excess kilos that you seem to be piling on. Swimming during pregnancy is another good option but, you need to consult with your trainer and health care provider as to which strokes are okay for you. The weightlessness sensation that swimming provides will be a great relief for your increased belly and the attached aches and pains.

Third trimester pregnancy symptoms can vary for different women and so the exercise schedules also need to be different. Exercise during pregnancy is recommended because it releases endorphins which make you feel relaxed and happy. However, with the advancement of pregnancy, some exercises should not be done because of the increase in the size of the body and the dilly dallying balance. In addition, if you have not been very active pre pregnancy, embarking on a rigorous exercise routine while pregnant is not recommended.

You need to then begin with things like daily walks and some time of swimming. Prenatal yoga obviously under supervision is also a good idea because it relaxes and rejuvenates you a great deal. It has a positive impact on your coming baby as well. There are always general precautions attached with third trimester pregnancy. One needs to take care while getting up from the floor as jerky movements can cause a spell of dizziness as well. With less and less balance on your body as the pregnancy progresses dizziness is dangerous as it could lead to a bad fall too.

The abdomen is the most vulnerable area in the third trimester as the big belly has also come up and that's why while exercising special care needs to be taken not to leave the area open to any falling weights etc. Do not lift weights standing up; sit down to lift weights if you must. If at any stage of the exercise, you feel breathless then stop immediately. This can harm your fetus as well as yourself. Less oxygen to the body means less oxygen for your baby. Always remember that you can get back to your high power exercises post- pregnancy.

The third trimester means a lot of work for you as you need to be extra careful with whatever you choose to do. Make sure that you are relaxed in whatever activity you undertake and don't stress yourself too much.

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