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Must Have Trendy Maternity Shirts

When a woman wants a classic maternity look, she often pulls on a pair of classic jeans and tops it off with a white dress shirt. While this is an attractive look, you’ll certainly want more options during your pregnancy – especially if trendy dressing is your style.

During your first weeks of pregnancy, you’ll be happy in your usual clothes. Soon, however, you’ll find it uncomfortable to have anything that fits snugly around the waist and you’ll find that your bust size is increasing. When you reach this point, it’s time to start shopping for maternity clothing.

You’ll be pleased to know that while you’re pregnant, you don’t have to abandon fashion for shapeless, boring clothing. Maternity clothing today is more fashionable than ever before, and it’s designed to flaunt a woman's new curves and show off her growing baby bump.

One trend in maternity shirts is to pair a shirt with lower cut pants or skirts and flaunt a bit of tummy. Whether or not you’re comfortable with this is up to you. If you do decide to flash a bit of tummy, remember that less is more, and don’t show more than an inch or two. And it’s worth noting that this is certainly a more casual look and not appropriate in the work place.

Choose maternity shirts that accent your shoulders. You may want to choose higher necks, v-necks or wide boat neck shirts, as all of these will help balance your growing tummy while showing off your still-lovely neck and glowing face.

Bohemian style – or “hippy chic” – is a very popular trend in maternity clothing right now. Choose a flowing, layered shirt or one that’s tie-dyed and you’ll be at the height of maternity fashion.

In addition, wrap style shirts are always popular maternity choices because they’re so flattering to a pregnant woman's changing figure. Look for trendy prints and colors – things you’d enjoy even if you weren’t pregnant.

And don’t think you’re limited to the dowdy maternity shops of old – there are actually several really good places to spot trendy maternity shirts. The first is to visit popular celebrity websites and see what pregnant celebrities are wearing – you can count on them to be at the leading edge of maternity fashion trends. Some of the better sites, like People Magazine's Celebrity Baby Blog, will even tell you what specific items celebrities are wearing and where to purchase them. You should also check out pregnancy-specific magazines to see what kinds of clothes are being shown. The editors of these magazines make it their job to stay on top of trends and provide that information to their readers.

Finally, be sure to check out the kinds of stores that you’d shop at if you weren’t pregnant. Trends usually hit there before they hit the maternity stores and you may be able to buy tops in a slightly larger size from these stores to wear for much of your pregnancy. Once you’ve outgrown these options, check out the maternity boutiques in the ritziest neighborhoods you can get to for a few “signature pieces” to spice up your look.

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