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Tubal Pregnancy Symptoms - Consult The Doctor immediately

Just as anything can go wrong in any aspect of life, there can be mishaps in pregnancy which makes it important to be aware of tubal pregnancy symptoms so that you can recognize them, if need be. A tubal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy is a situation where the fetus starts growing outside the womb. This can be very dangerous for both the mother-to-be and the unborn baby and as such, it is essential to be able to recognize the symptoms of a tubal pregnancy so that corrective measures can be taken before any disaster takes place.

A number of generic symptoms are known to us but these symptoms are not specific to tubal pregnancy and could be indicative of other ailments also. It is very important for a pregnant woman to meet her hospital appointments regularly as this will reveal the presence of tubal pregnancy at an early stage. If you are pregnant and if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately. The probability of a false alarm is always there but it is better to be safe than being sorry. The most common signs of a tubal pregnancy are an acute pain in the stomach and a feeling of dizziness. However, tubal pregnancy symptoms are often synonymous with normal pregnancy symptoms and they are difficult to pinpoint.

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

The most common tubal pregnancy symptoms are:

  1. The first sign of ectopic pregnancy is a sudden pain on one side of the stomach.
  2. If you are pregnant and if you get pain in your shoulder while you are inhaling or exhaling, the chances of your having an ectopic pregnancy are very high.
  3. If you experience pain while using the bathroom, there is a strong likelihood that your pregnancy is ectopic.
  4. If your periods are unusual and/or if you have an abnormal vaginal discharge with a strange color, likelihood of ectopic pregnancy is high.
  5. The other tubal pregnancy symptoms are pale complexion, diarrhea, collapse, sickness, low blood pressure, light-headedness and an increase in the pulse rate.

How To Recognize Ectopic Pregnancy

Since ectopic pregnancy symptoms are mostly similar to the symptoms of a normal pregnancy, it is not easy to recognize the presence of ectopic pregnancy. However, if you have the normal symptoms such as tender breast, nausea, frequent urination, missed periods, or vomiting along with the above mentioned ectopic pregnancy symptoms, the likelihood of the pregnancy being ectopic are very high. It is important for an expectant mother to keep reading books and magazines related to this subject in order to increase her knowledge.

An important indication of the presence of ectopic pregnancy is that the size of the womb will be small indicating that the fetus is not growing inside the womb but outside in the fallopian tubes. This can, however, only be detected by a doctor after he does an internal pelvic examination. An ultrasound scan and a specialized hCG blood test will have to be done in order to confirm the diagnosis.

Ectopic surgery can be treated with keyhole surgical intervention, which is not very dangerous. Moreover, some cases can be treated with medication too. However, if there is any indication of tubal pregnancy symptoms, the concerned doctor should be contacted immediately.

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