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The Dangers of Tubal Pregnancy

Tubal pregnancy is scaring for most women of childbearing age because pregnancy is a very normal process of transition to motherhood. It is a joyous event for a couple, for a baby strengthens the bonds of love between the two. A baby grows for nine months inside a woman's womb before being born. Unfortunately in some cases, the baby starts growing outside of the uterus, instead of inside the uterus. This is called a tubal pregnancy. This is a very risky situation for the mother and the fetus. In tubal or ectopic pregnancy, the zygote or the fertilized ova attaches itself to fallopian tubes instead of the uterus. In rare cases, it may even start growing in the abdomen, cervix or the ovaries. The problem is that none of these alternate body organs can sustain the development of the embryo. This type of pregnancy is a dangerous situation for a woman. It is a life-threatening situation, for it can cause extensive bleeding or hemorrhage, and needs emergency medical help.

All About Tubal Pregnancy

A tubal pregnancy may not be detected in first few weeks of the pregnancy. A woman should not take her pregnancy lightly, she should schedule her prenatal check ups with an expert doctors at the earliest after confirming pregnancy. Do not ignore any medical problems like low blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, or pain in the lower back or chest with normal early signs of pregnancy. The doctor will use a blood test as first indicator of any problem. The initial stages of tubal or ectopic pregnancy escape the detection by ultrasound method. If the problem persists, a doctor may perform culdoncentesis test. In this test a needle is inserted into the top of the vagina and behind the uterus. If there is a presence of blood in that area caused by ruptured tubal pregnancy, this pregnancy problem is confirmed.

The tubal pregnancy needs to be terminated immediately. If discovered early, using the drug Methotrexate, the fertilized egg is dissolved; laparoscopy is performed to remove the ectopic pregnancy while in late stage.

Modern medicine is not capable of preventing a tubal type pregnancy. It is still possible to enjoy subsequent normal pregnancy after the sad episode of terminated ectopic pregnancy. It is important to wait a few months for the body and the tissues to heal before getting pregnant again. Tubal or ectopic pregnancy though rare, can occur at any age. Emotional support of near and dear ones help a woman victim of ectopic pregnancy to heal early.

The best way to prevent tubal pregnancy is to maintain a good overall health, with balanced lifestyle, nutritive diet, active and positive outlook along with the use of fertility drugs, before trying for pregnancy once again.

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