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Get Washboard Abs After Pregnancy With Tummy Tuck!

Tummy tuck is good news for new moms! During pregnancy, your skin, muscles, and the fat around your abdomen sags. To get back the lost elasticity of their skin, a large number of women are turning towards this marvelous abdominoplasty. So, call your doctor now!

How Does It Work?

Tummy tuck removes the extra skin and fat from your body and tightens the abdominal wall muscles. Thus, you can get a flat and firm stomach to flaunt after pregnancy!

What To Consider Before Going For It?

You can't rush to have a tummy tuck done soon after you deliver a baby! You will have to lose as many pounds as you can before going for this process. Yes, YOU HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT IN ADVANCE! Remember, this process does not help you lose weight. It only tightens your sagging muscles and skin for a toned look. You have no escape from your weight loss program!

Another thing to remember is that you should go for this process ONLY WHEN YOU PLAN TO HAVE NO MORE CHILDREN. This is because there is a possibility of the results being reversed by a future pregnancy. Time for some serious family planning!

What Is The Process?

During a tummy tuck, the bottom of your abdomen is slit, just above your pubic bone. After that, the extra fat and skin is sucked up. The surgeon repositions your belly button and tightens your abdominal wall muscles. The result: you get washboard abs!

Mini-Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck procedures are of different types. If you have just a small chunk of fat or skin to correct, then this mini process is for you. On other hand, there is an extended abdominoplasty, which is done when there is a large area of skin and fat to be corrected. In short, whatever may be your requirement; you need not grieve over your sagging skin. Simply teach it a lesson!


In many cases, the surgeon performs tummy tuck process in combination with liposuction. This lets the surgeon do a better job and get amazing results. In addition to this, this wonderful process does not let you feel pain or discomfort. The surgeons use general anesthesia while performing the process. Thus, you go to sleep with a sagging, unattractive body and wake up turned into a flawless, toned beauty!

How To Go About It?

If you are a new mom and have been successful in shedding some of your pregnancy weight, then why live with your hanging abs? Contact a plastic surgeon and take an appointment with her. Discuss in detail about the abdominoplasty procedure. A good surgeon will throw light on both the pros and cons of this process. Make sure to tell the surgeon what you expect and how closely your expectations will be fulfilled.

Bid goodbye to your saggy body. You need not remain like that for life. Get young again. Say 'hello' to tummy tuck and stun your partner with your supple beauty!