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Start Your Weight Loss Program At The Right time

Do you know that soon after you deliver, out of the 25-35 pounds that you gain during pregnancy, there is a weight loss of 13 pounds from your body? Thus, you are left with an extra weight of 12-22 pounds hanging around your body! These are the troubling pounds that make many a woman feel annoyed, angry, disappointed, sad, and what not!

Weight loss is possible after delivery; but don't expect it to happen in just a few days. You may take at least 8 months or one whole year to get back into your slim form. Phew, what patience and hard work it requires!

Well, hard work doesn't mean you have to sweat out in the gym for hours together. A simple workout session daily is enough to do the deed. Even regular walking, swimming, and yoga work wonders!

Here are some hot tips given by women who have accomplished weight loss after pregnancy with ease.

Hot Tips For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

  • Don't even think of going on a diet for the first three months after you deliver your tiny tot. Continue eating a balanced diet and keep your body in movement. Start a weight loss program after your period gets regular.
  • Be gentle with your workout in the beginning, especially if you had not exercised during the nine months. Your body is in the stage of healing and any physical exertion might cause harm.
  • Begin your exercise with walking, which is a low-impact activity. It serves as a warm up exercise for your body and prepares it for vigorous workout later.
  • Take 5-6 small, nutritious meals every day. This keeps you loaded with energy round the clock and enhances your metabolism. This is vital for breastfeeding moms.
  • Stay away from fatty and processed foods. Dig into fresh fruits and vegetables. Forget those French fries and dips. Think low-fat dairy products and whole grains for weight loss. Keep the junk food at its right place - in the junk!
  • Consult your doctor before altering your diet or starting a workout session. Each woman has different needs. Don't blindly follow other new moms, even if they lose weight faster than you do. What suits them might not suit you. You may feel yourself stuck with those ugly pounds forever. However, they ARE going to go away provided you continue with your healthy routine.
  • Be patient with your body. It will not disappoint you!

It's true that the period after delivery is tough for a new mom. You are completely drained off, excited with your new life, and frustrated with so many things happening at the same time! Therefore, it's time to give your mind, body rest for a few months, and then start your exercise afresh.

Soon after your delivery, you should concentrate on your newborn and your diet rather than your figure. Relax, enjoy, and pamper yourself. And when the time is right, kick off those pounds by an effective weight loss program!