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Walking During Pregnancy - Mother Of All Exercises

Walking during pregnancy is very essential for pregnant women. This is especially important for expecting mothers who have never exercised earlier or have been very reluctant in shaking limbs. Walking helps in blood circulation and oxidization. Walking also helps us tone our leg and abdomen muscles. If you walk regularly, it facilitates in the labor as you have stronger abdominal and hip muscles. Walking is the simplest form of exercise available for women and men. If you remain idle at home during pregnancy, you harden your muscles and they loose elasticity. As a result, you experience more backaches and swollen feet. Physically unfit moms-to-be are more likely to have a cesarean deliveries.

Types Of Walking Routines

Pregnancy walking can be either casual or vigorous. If you have been walking before pregnancy, then walking during pregnancy will not be a problem for you. Walking lifts your sagging spirits and rejuvenates your mind if you are tensed up on some account. Casual walking is helpful in the evening after a hard days work. While vigorous walking is undertaken in the morning when you are fully alert.

A good posture has equal importance while walking during pregnancy. Women not in the habit of exercising try to escape exercising during pregnancy. You can see these women slumped in a sofa, walking with a slouch and barely bearing the weight of the baby. This form of walking has ill effects on the health of the mother. If you do not maintain good posture, you might catch back pain or lumbar pain. These pains have the tendency of continuing throughout life. So, do not be complacent during this important period of your life. One good way to improve your posture is to study yourself in the mirror and straighten yourself while standing sideways. Another way is to stand with your back to the wall with your head and heels touching the wall. Now move your hands sideways up and down by your side. Slowly, you will get the hang of the posture and try imitating the same when you walk. A maternity belt can be beneficial in correcting your walking posture.

Always be alert walking during pregnancy lest you bang into something or somebody. You should avoid walking on rough roads so that you do not give any bumps and jerks to your body. Moreover, do not run while walking briskly, always keep your well being in mind. The best watch in this case is to talk while walking if you start panting and are unable to talk, cut down on your speed. Another important thing to look out for is to keep your heartbeat below 140 bpm. This is very important and emphasized by every doctor while recommending exercises during pregnancy. Finally, always walk facing the traffic; you do not want to be rudely shocked by a vehicle behind you!

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