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Weaning From Breast Feeding: Every Mother Must Know About It

When should one begin the process of weaning from breast feeding is a question that every mother has to face. She must know when to stop feeding breast milk and start giving some solid food to the baby. Moreover, before thinking about weaning off breast feeding, she should also be aware of what kind of food a baby can safely consume in the beginning.

Early Weaning May Create Health Hazards For Baby

We can notice some major changes recently in the beliefs of people about weaning from breast-feeding. Previously, mothers used to start giving solid foods to their babies very early. However, World Health Organization has advised against starting this process early because it causes harm to the health of babies.

Breast Feed For Minimum Six Months

Studies have indicated that the body of a young baby is not suitable to consume solid food. Babies that were given solid food early showed food intolerances and allergies. Therefore, according to the latest recommendations from the WHO, you should breast feed the baby for a minimum of six months. Six months look to be a very long period. However, it is necessary for good health of your baby.

There are many side effects associated when you begin weaning breast feeding your child quite early. Biggest problem with the solid food is that baby gets much higher quantity of salt then it really needs. It may result in severe kidney troubles in the later part of life. Therefore, if you keep on providing breast milk to the baby for at least six months it is in the interest of baby's health.

Baby Indicates His Readiness For Solid Food

Now, how to begin weaning from breast feeding when baby completes the six month of age. The key to success is that baby should be given solid food in a gradually. If you observe the behavior of your baby keenly, you can notice that baby himself starts giving indication about readiness to solid food.

The first sign is that he will ask for more feeds and the duration of satisfaction after feeding will reduce. Lip smacking, chewing and showing interest in food are some other signs of his readiness to receive solid food. Development of teeth is yet another genuine indication.

Once the baby completes six months of age and you notice the above mentioned signs, you can safely begin the process of weaning from breast feeding. In the beginning, you can give him a spoonful of watery baby rice. Tasteless and runny food is safer in the beginning.

Experts also suggest that you stick to one food item for at least few days. This way, you can identify whether that particular item is creating any problems for the baby. As the symptoms of allergies and other food intolerances appear after few days only, so you should not change the food very quickly.

Another important point to keep in mind is that you should not try to feed any thing forcefully to the baby. Baby himself is in the best position to decide how much to take. Give a small quantity of solid food when beginning weaning from breast feeding.

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