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It.s Easy To Achieve Healthy Week By Week Gain During Pregnancy

I know you're intoxicated with happiness about having a baby, but do not forget to keep a tab on your week by week gain amidst all that joy. For, if you gain excess weight, all your joy may be killed by diabetes, high blood pressure, difficult labor, and other horrible pregnancy complications.

Wait! Before you decide to eat less, also remember that if you gain less, you are at risk of malnutrition and delivering an undernourished baby. Omigosh! This is a catch 22 situation!

Don't panic! There are certain recommendations on week by week gain during pregnancy. Follow them and you can sail through the pregnancy with a smile.

Weight Gain Recommendation

This varies with countries. Generally, doctors recommend a weight gain of 2.2 pounds every month. This totals to about 20 pounds during the nine months. period. Now, this varies with every woman because each one has a unique body type and health condition.

Weight Gain Calculator

The appropriate amount of weight gain depends on your pre-pregnancy weight as well as your height. Here's the formula:

Normal weight (kg)/height (square meters) = weight gain indicator

  • If your indicator shows less than 18, you are skinny. You should gain 44 pounds (20 kg) during the entire span of pregnancy.
  • If your indicator ranges from 18 to 20, you are thin. You should gain 28.6-37.4 pounds (13-17 kg) during the entire span of pregnancy.
  • If your indicator ranges from 20 to 23, you are normal. You should gain 26.4 pounds (12 kg) during the entire span of pregnancy.
  • If your indicator shows more than 23, you are fat. You should gain only 17.6-24.2 pounds (8-11 kg) during the entire span of pregnancy.
  • If your indicator shows more than 30, you are obese. You should gain very little weight during the entire span of pregnancy.

Week By Week Gain Chart

The following chart will help you check whether the pounds sticking to your body deserve to be there or not.

  • First trimester - up to 5 pounds
  • Second trimester - 12 to 19 pounds
  • Third trimester - 8 to 11 pounds

The total weight you gain during the entire pregnancy is 25-35 pounds.

The trick to a healthy weight gain is to gain about 2/3 of a pound each week. Continue this up to the 20th week of your pregnancy. After that, gain one pound per week.

Do not go about gaining weight all by yourself. Consult your dietician or doctor who will help you plan a week by week gain chart. He or she will also tell you about the choice of foods, along with vitamin supplements and whether you need them or not.

A healthy week by week gain is not an impossible feat to accomplish. You only need to be watchful of what's on your plate.

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