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Weight Gain During Pregnancy - Essential Element Of Maternity

Weight gain during pregnancy is a foregone conclusion. Since you are carrying a baby, its growth is reflected in your weight gain. However, the point is that you should gain the right amount of weight required for a healthy baby. If you have the right weight, you can become your normal self much faster after delivery. How much weight gain is healthy weight gain during pregnancy is dependant on many factors. The most important is your own weight and your BMI (body mass index). Next is your diet. The quality and quantity of the food you eat decides how much weight you gain during pregnancy. If you have a sweet tooth and use lot of fat in your food, you gain more weight and much faster. Try eating fat free nutritious food.

Weight Gain For Overweight

Although your doctor will decide what weight gain during pregnancy is suitable for you, it is helpful to follow the normal guidelines. If you have been overweight before pregnancy, then you should gain about 16 to 27 pounds. If you feel that you should shed some extra pounds to facilitate delivery then you are wrong. All women should gain some weight. More than half of what you gain is the weight of the baby and supporting tissues and the water bag. If you are overweight then you have to restrict some of your food habits as you are at risk of catching diabetes or high blood pressure. Moreover, if you gain too much weight, you also run the risk of becoming obese after the birth of your baby.

Weight Gain For Underweight

The recommended weight gain for underweight women is 27 to 45 pounds. Make sure you have enough calories for yourself and the baby by taking healthy and nutritious food like green leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts, milk and milk products, generous quantity of fat, protein and vitamin supplements as well. Remember, your body has a mechanism of breaking fat stored inside your body to supplement the growth of the baby. This may be harmful for you as you develop ketones inside your body. You should be especially cautious in the later stages about your weight gain during pregnancy cause if you do not, your baby may be underweight as well.

It is best to consult a nutritionist who advises you on weight gain during pregnancy. Do not try things yourself, you can never know where the deficiency exists. You only know what the requirement is for average weight gain during pregnancy. Your consultant is the best judge to advice on how many calories to gain or lose.

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