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Weight Gain Chart For Women Who Want A Shapely Body

Amy called up her doctor for a weight gain chart. She wanted no doubts about how many pounds are acceptable on her body during pregnancy. People around her advised to start eating double the amount she ate before. But, Amy wasn't convinced with this little piece of advice. She thought, "If I eat double, won't I gain double weight?"

Smart girl, Amy! She knew it was no good being overweight. Eating for two is bad, worn out advice. It's for those women who want to remain out of shape their whole life after pregnancy. Amy wanted to get back to her sexy self again after giving birth. So, she needed to keep a check on what she ate. It had to be healthy and less fattening at the same time.

She had heard about weight gain chart and how it guided women in gaining the right amount of weight during pregnancy. So, Amy fixed an appointment with her doctor for the next day. She wanted to learn how to use the chart.

How To Use Weight Gain Chart?

Amy's doctor unfolded a chart on the table and began explaining the steps:

  • Determine your pre-pregnancy weight and deduct it from your present weight. The result will give the pounds you've gained.
  • There's a "Pounds Gained" column in the weight gain chart. Locate the number you got from the deduction.
  • Thereafter, locate your pregnancy week in the chart.
  • You'll get a place where the two points intersect. Mark it.
  • Connect the marks every week to chart the amount you gain.
  • The marked lines indicate high, normal, and low weight gain range during pregnancy.

This was easy! Amy made a point to refer the chart every week and gained only healthy pounds during her entire pregnancy. Her doctor informed that a healthy woman on a well-balanced diet gains 25-35 pounds during her complete pregnancy period. Her doctor also gave interesting information about the distribution of pregnancy weight. Actually, it was Amy who asked her doctor from where all the weight comes from.

Distribution Of Pregnancy Weight

Here's what the doctor revealed:

  • The baby amounts to 7-9 pounds
  • Amniotic fluid amounts to 2 pounds
  • Enlarged uterus amounts to 2 pounds
  • Increased volume of blood amounts to 4-5 pounds
  • Fluid present in maternal tissue amounts to 3-4 pounds
  • Placenta amounts to 2 pounds
  • Enlarged breasts for breastfeeding amount to 1 pound
  • The remaining pounds are fat deposits that are needed by the body for energy and breastfeeding.

'Wow!' exclaimed Amy, 'Nature surely knows how to keep things in place!' Amy was right. It's we who stuff our body with unnecessary pounds and then complain when our body doesn't co-operate. There are some who are crueler than overweight people. They are underweight ones. They don't even feel the need to stuff their bodies with food!

Don't meddle with nature's ways. Get a weight gain chart and enjoy a smooth pregnancy.

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