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Weight Gain During Pregnancy - Normal Weight Gain

Weight gain during pregnancy is a major concern of health and figure conscious women. Some weight gain during pregnancy is natural. However, excessive weight gain while pregnant can cause huge problems. Weight Gain during pregnancy is healthy if it does not exceed the normal limit. You need to gain weight during pregnancy to help your baby grow. Whatever your pre pregnancy weight, you will have to gain weight during pregnancy.

Overweight women should keep a watch on their weight when pregnant and not gain too much weight. Weight Gain during pregnancy should be monitored weekly to check excess weight gain. Consult your doctor to know more about the ideal weight gain for a person your height, body mass index and health.

Dieting During Pregnancy

Avoid dieting during pregnancy, as this can cause complications. It could lead to malnourishment for both you and your baby. If you are overweight prior to pregnancy, then pregnancy is not the best time to lose weight. Whatever your weight before pregnancy, the weight of the baby and new tissues will add a few pounds to you. This is necessary to help the baby grow.

Dieting saps the body of nourishment. When you are pregnant, you need around 300 calories extra per day. When you diet, your body is actually starved of nutrients. Weight gain is a pregnancy truth that cannot be avoided. Weight gain during pregnancy is motivated by various factors. Even dieting may not be able to prevent it, and you simply end up carrying an unhealthy baby.

Pregnancy Gain Chart

A pregnancy weight gain chart will help you calculate the ideal weight gain for yourself. This will help you keep a watch on your weight, and take corrective measures should you gain too much weight. This chart will help you correlate your height, age and other statistics to ideal Weight Gain during pregnancy. The weight gain during pregnancy depends on your BMI, body mass index. Those with a BMI of 18-25 should show a weight gain of 25-30 pounds. If you are overweight, and have a BMI of 25 to 30, you should not gain more than 25 pounds. Obese women should not gain more than 15 pounds.

You should monitor Weight Gain during pregnancy every week to gain control over how much weight you gain. Too much weight gain makes it difficult to shed the pounds after pregnant.

Most of all, remember that Weight Gain during pregnancy is not "fat". It is a necessary part of ensuring that you have a healthy baby and safe motherhood.

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