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Planning For Working Mothers - Getting Pregnant And Dealing With Work

Getting pregnant while you have a busy professional life is something that requires you to give a lot of thought to your pregnancy. You will have to carefully plan changes in your personal as well as professional life. Pregnancy planning will enable you to cope with the changes better.

Issues to Face while Pregnant

Working women have mixed reactions to getting pregnant as they are faced with a lot of tough decisions. While they are happy about the life that they are creating they wonder what choices to make, to be a stay-at-home mom or be a working mom. If they decide to continue to work they have to contend with maternity leave issue, shortages of funds as maternity pay if available is available only for a period of 6 weeks, when to get back to work, who will take care of the baby, breast feeding the baby etc. Pregnancy planning stage is the time to make major decisions and discuss things with your partner. You may have to carefully estimate the costs and provide for them.

Hazards in the Workplace You Must Avoid

If you work in an environment that is hazardous to your health as well as your baby's be sure to consult your physician. Pregnant women should not come in contact with heavy metals, solvents, chemicals, radiation, disease causing agents [especially health care workers?], dry cleaning fluids, anesthesia etc. if you consult your physician before getting pregnant in the Pregnancy planning stage, you may change your job or consider an extended break from work.

Maternity Leave Benefits

Women who work can take maternity leave without fear thanks to the Family Medical Leave Act which mandates that businesses with more than 50 employees provide 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave without repercussions. Many working women make use of their vacation leave, sick leave to extend their maternity leave. But as each company may have unique rules it is better to study and understand your firm's policies on maternity leave before you talk about it to your seniors. Pregnancy planning stage will be ideal to determine how you will handle morning sickness and other discomforts that may be a part of your life after getting pregnant.

Preparing for Pregnancy in the Workplace

Talk to other female members in your firm and find out how the company dealt with them. If you plan carefully when it actually happens you are prepared and not caught off guard. You will need to eat healthy, so plan on having three nutritious meals a day with many healthy snacks in between such as salads and fruits. While you consider getting pregnant you may wonder when is the right time to tell your boss and colleagues you are pregnant. It is usually after the first trimester that women tell their bosses. Before you do be sure to be clear what you plan to do, to return if so exactly when you plan to get back to work, if not to be a stay-at-home mom. Pregnancy planning time can be used to sort out these issues so that you have no confusion or hesitation when the moment arrives for you to choose.

You may help the firm by planning to organize your work and help your replacement learn the ropes easily by being as co-operative as possible. Plan to write your plans and present them to your bosses and show them that you can be flexible to a certain extent.

Before getting pregnant it will be wise to review your financial situation and determine if you feel comfortable to rely on your partner to provide for you and the child. Pregnancy planning may help as you get the time to think about your future and opt for part time work that you may do from home ensuring that you are financially independent to a certain extent.

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