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What Your Partner Can Do to Help You with Pre-Pregnancy Planning

Itís very important that you get your partner involved in pre-pregnancy planning. Not only do you truly need his help and support during this time, but his involvement at this early stage will help him to feel more connected to the pregnancy and the baby when it arrives. Additionally, the baby will benefit from his involvement in making lifestyle changes and preparations.

There are many ways that your partner can assist in pre-pregnancy planning. First of all, you must determine if you and your partner are healthy enough to have children and are both fertile. If youíre having problems with conception, you may need to consider other options for your baby. Additionally, you may want to consider other factors, such as Rh compatibility testing, which can be a determining factor in the genetic health of your baby.

Another thing that youíll need to do to ensure the health of your baby involves lifestyle changes. This may include quitting smoking or rearranging the house to more ďbaby-safeĒ configuration. You may also have other changes to be made, such as stopping a hair loss medication that can prevent or complicate pregnancy. You can also get a good idea of whatís to come and how to handle that change in the pre-pregnancy stage. Read magazines and books that will help you learn what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Financial planning is another important part of pre-pregnancy planning, and should definitely be handled by a supportive partner. Financial changes and budgets will need to be altered to cover expenses for the new baby. Additionally, insurance and other financial needs will need to be accessed before you get pregnant. Financial matters can be stressful, and stress can often make pregnancy difficult. Therefore, itís best if you have your partnerís full cooperation in this part of pre-pregnancy planning.

On a happier note, one of the really fun and exciting parts of pre-pregnancy planning is setting up for the baby. Itís never too early to start a college fund, build a crib or decorate a nursery. This can be a great project for both you and your partner Ė it will really help your partner become as excited about the pregnancy as you are. It will also give him a chance to have some input on the nursery and have some fun building and painting. Youíll also feel relieved to have this finished in plenty of time for the baby and you wonít be worn out from doing it all on your own.

Finally, your partner can be there to simply support you and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your baby. It can be easy for women to give in to their cravings during pregnancy, even if you know itís not healthy food. The best way to avoid gaining too much weight or not getting enough nutrients is by planning your diet ahead of time. Your partner can help you by learning whatís best for you to eat, so that he can be there to make sure you get it while youíre pregnant.

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