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Pregnancy Types

During early pregnancy, the main thing you will be concerned about is the next nine-months, interspersed with happiness and various symptoms that have to be dealt with. Apart from the usual nausea, heartburn, edema and backache, there are certain other complications that are likely to crop up. These can be minor and easily treated through medication or they can turn out to be risky for mother and baby. What are the pregnancy types to watch out for, during these months?

One condition to watch out for is an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic or tubal pregnancy is an abnormal condition that occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself outside the uterus, probably in the fallopian tube. Suppose you have had a miscarriage earlier, you might need an ultrasound during early pregnancy to check for an ectopic pregnancy. As far as symptoms are concerned, they show during the sixth week of pregnancy. If spotted in time, you can be treated and save the pregnancy through medication or surgery.

Pregnancy is a totally natural state - but that does not mean it is easy! Another serious pregnancy problem is a lupus pregnancy, resulting in blood clotting problems and the risk of pre term delivery. Lupus has to do with your immune system as well and can affect vital organs. For most women with lupus, a successful pregnancy can happen. Understanding the problem can help find solutions. If you suffer from lupus, you will need to be in constant touch with a rheumatologist and obstetrician during the pregnancy. Preferably, do not risk pregnancy unless your disease has been in remission for at least six months since the medication you take can harm your fetus, resulting in damage and stillbirth.

Whether it is the first or second pregnancy, your body will probably behave differently through each pregnancy. You will naturally be quite excited though a bit worried about the new pregnancy with the unspoken fear of the possibility of something going wrong. More so - if you have experienced complications in your earlier pregnancy. The early pregnancy days can be full of discomfort, and your body undergoes major changes to adjust to the next 9 months. During a second pregnancy, you are more likely to be at ease since you've already been through the experience once. But you might want to know whether this will be different from the first and how. Usually second pregnancy symptoms show quicker than the first.

Twin pregnancies, on the other hand are considered risky. There is a possibility of complications for both you and the babies. But there are many women who just sail through twin pregnancies. Considering that since pregnancy involves a risk for every woman, an additional fetus just makes it riskier. Ensure that you keep all your doctor's appointments and take good care of your health, weight and diet.

The risks associated with teen pregnancy which is on the rise today are much more than with healthy adult women. Probably the main reason is that the teenage girl herself is not fully grown up yet, causing complications during the entire pregnancy unless precautions are taken. There is the likelihood of premature deliveries, and babies with low birth weight. Pregnant teenagers must enroll in prenatal care during early pregnancy stages.

No matter what the pregnancy type, it is wise to be aware of what to watch out for throughout your pregnancy - so that remedial action can be initiated.

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