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Pregnancy is indisputably the most exciting time in a woman's life. And just as with any exciting event, there's also the thrill of uncertainty. However, there's no need to worry or lose sleep over it - because you'll find each one of your pregnancy questions answered right here. Maybe you want to know whether you can swim when you are pregnant, or perhaps you are wondering how you will get rid of those stretch marks! You may be trying to get pregnant, or you may have already got the good news that you are pregnant - and you can do with all the pregnancy information you can get!

Take a look at our guide to pregnancy, which is packed with all the pregnancy advice you will ever need. You can figure out your due date all by yourself - you only need to know the first day of your last period. Read more about it here. As that due date approaches, you will want to take pregnancy pictures of yourself to treasure these unique moments in your life. The great thing about pregnancy is that it does not matter whether it is the first or the third child; each one is equally wondrous and the mother is just as concerned about having a healthy pregnancy with each child.

It is during those nine months that you experience the maximum changes in your body - both internal and external - some obvious, some subtle. Get ready to handle all these natural changes that go with a pregnancy body. Understanding these changes can enhance these months in your life, making them pleasantly unforgettable in every way.

A pregnancy journal makes the whole experience that much more real for a pregnant woman. She wants to do everything she can to ensure that those three trimesters go as smoothly as possible. Record those vital moments you cherish during your pregnancy. Pregnancy journals are also readily available, conveniently containing month-wise sections with questions that you can answer about this remarkable time in your life. You can even note down your pregnancy doctor visits, the changes that you feel in your body and make it more interesting by including pregnancy photos of yourself in appropriate places. Just imagine looking at it a few years later!

Learn how you can get a good night's sleep, how to eat a healthy pregnancy diet, how to keep fit and get the answers to all those countless pregnancy questions. And once you've browsed around our list of pregnancy websites and pregnancy magazines, don't forget to take the Pregnancy quiz we have put together for you!

Go ahead. Make those nine months a time to cherish forever!

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