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High Risk Pregnancy

When your doctor tells you that a high risk pregnancy, it.s requires sheer positive attitude and courage to handle it. Already, pregnancy comes packed with its share of ups and downs, and when you are subject to high risk, it's like a test thrown by Mother Nature.

Pre-Term Birth

Latest reports reveal that in the United States, pre-term birth is the major cause of infant mortality. As per the CDC researchers, babies born before 37 weeks accounted to one-third of total babies. death in the year 2002. Two-third of the deaths took place within 24 hours of birth.

Although medical technology is advanced to such an extent that it is equipped to save a preterm baby, you cannot rule out the high risk pregnancy factors. Once the baby crosses a month in the incubator, he or she is out of danger, almost. This is because just 7% of deaths occur after four weeks of preterm birth. Doctors leave no stone unturned to help the baby survive and beat all odds; however, it still is a tedious battle for a new born.

Placenta Abruption

At times, continuous bleeding during pregnancy may spell trouble. This is considered a high risk pregnancy with chances of placenta abruption. A large blood clot forms behind the placenta and is reabsorbed partially with time. In some cases, the position of placenta is a cause of concern. You might have placenta previa, which is a low lying placenta. It covers a part of your cervix. Both these are major pregnancy complications. They can well pose a danger to you as well as your baby.

With such a high risk pregnancy, your life gets confined to home and hospital. Ultrasounds and non-stress tests become a routine for you. Your doctor advises bed rest and you need to visit the hospital at least twice a week. It.s a testing time for your family members too. You are kept under constant scrutiny and it's for your own good. The best thing that you can do at this time is continue consuming a nutritious diet and quit smoking and alcohol completely.

High risk pregnancy cannot be handled alone. In this case, creating a life does not remain the sole work of the mother, instead it becomes a collective effort. Doctors, your partner, family members and friends, and you - all come together and work towards making the baby come out into the world successfully and survive. A positive attitude is almost a life savior! Things become easier when your mind is strapped with a strong belief that you can do it.

Consider high risk pregnancy as Nature's way of testing how determined you are to overcome obstacles in life. It's time to show that you are no fragile thing, no matter how cruel Nature gets!

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